The Blurt Peer Project, supported by the Aviva Community Fund, is a ground-breaking, peer-led project focused on improving the mental health of young people aged 5-24, equipping them with essential tools to ultimately achieve happier, healthier and fulfilled lives.

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We collaborated with primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, sixth forms and universities to co-develop the project.

Meaningfully including the views of students, academic staff, and people with lived experience (other than being super important) means that we’ve built something that reflects the needs, interests and hopes of the people who will be affected by the project.

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We are working with students at our partner schools, colleges and universities, training them up to be mental health trailblazers. These leaders will then share their learning with their fellow students through engaging and interactive activities, education and events.

The peer education model has been shown to be very effective, especially when it comes to topics that are perceived to be “trickier” to talk about, such as mental health.

 In our context, peer education is young people sharing knowledge, information and ideas with other young people to promote wellbeing and achieve better health outcomes amongst their societal group.

It’s really effective because young people feel more comfortable learning about certain topics from their friends or from people who are a similar age/with similar experiences.

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